Free Ethereum Faucet Script


  • Easy to set up
  • Full control over how much you give away
  • Optional referral bonus
  • Microwallet to manage account balance & faucet transactions
  • Choose between reCAPTCHA and SolveMedia
  • Customizable Bootstrap design
  • Anti-adblock script built in
  • Visible countdown timer
  • Slot machine display of generated number
  • Optional double or nothing (COMING SOON)
  • Optional bonus for claiming daily (COMING SOON)
  • Safety measures through API

Try our demo faucet at

Installation instructions

A faucet is a website that gives a small amount of cryptocurrency, such as Ether or Bitcoin in exchange for revenue from adverts placed on the site.

You can set up your very own ethereum faucet today by following the instruction below.


1. Web hosting & domain

Running you will need a domain name such as '' web hosting to store your files on.
For the best results ensure that your domain name is relevant, short and memorable.

You must use a paid web host to for our faucet since free hosts don't provide access to certain features required by our script.

2. Ether to give away

You can start with a small amount such as 0.5 Ether while you're getting started and deposit more when you have your strategy figured out about how much visitors can claim and how long they have to wait before they can claim more ether.
But you must ensure that your faucet never runs out of funds to maintain a good reputation.

Generate an Ethereum wallet if you don't have one already and fund it through the following options.

3. Advert providers

To make these investments profitable, you'll need adverts on your faucet.
Use one or more of these ad companies for your faucet.

Faucet installation

Now that you have webbosting, a domain name, ethereum and an advert provider, you can start setting up your faucet.

1. Prepare your account

Log in to your account and set up an e-mail and password under Account Security.

After setting up your account security you can make a deposit.
You'll find instructions on how to do this under "Manage balance" on your account page.

After your deposit has been approved, you can generate an API key under API access.
Approval can take up to 24 hours so you can proceed to the next step while waiting.

2. Configure the faucet script

Download the faucet script if you haven't already. You will need to modify config.php.
The following instructions will detail how to modify & upload your faucet script.

If you're new to PHP & FTP you will need to install Notepad++ and FileZilla to modify and upload the faucet script.

1. Make a new directory on your desktop called "faucet" an extract the downloaded faucet script in this folder.
2. Rightclick the extracted config.php and click Edit with Notepad++.
3. Set all the required variables such as $ethfaucet_api_key. You'll find instructions for each setting above the variable.
4. Save config.php & close Notepad++.

3. Publish your faucet

1. Find your FTP or cPanel login in an e-mail sent by your host.
2. Start FileZilla and press File > Site Manager and click New Site
3. Set Host to your domain name (eg, Logon Type to Normal and enter the username and password from the email.
4. Press Connect and navigate to public_html under Remote site.
5. Drag the contents of Desktop/faucet to public_html in FileZilla.
6. Open your web browser, go to your domain and verify that your faucet is online.
7. Try to make a claim on your faucet. You should get the message "You can't send to the faucet's address".
8. You can also make a test claim to another address or 0x89954b0B7530B877643e4b084496c43cd26CEf7F.
This should show a green message that states "You have claimed X Gwei.

4. Advertise

Now that your faucet is configured and online, it's time to bring in visitors.

1. Request to be listed in our Faucet List via live support.
2. Submit your website to Google and Bing.
3. Promote your website on social media.
4. Find websites willing to promote your faucet for a referral bonus.
4. Contact ethereum faucet list websites & request your faucet to be listed.
6. Do some research on how to increase website traffic.